One photograph was added and new design !
06th May 2016
One photograph titled "No stars but smoke" was added to the Industrial Scenery (B&W) gallery.

I also changed the website design and added a new photograph onto the homepage slideshow.
New Gallery Page was added.
11th July 2015
Finally, I have finished developing all the rolls of BW film I used in Hawaii and selected six photographs for my website.
Adding them to the photographs I took in the Big Island and in Oahu in 2012, I created a new gallery page titled "Hawaii in Monochrome".
So far, there are only ten photographs, which means I need to go back to Hawaii soon to take more photos !!
One Photograph was added.
28th June 2015
A photograph titled 80t H26 NO.33 was added to the Industrial Scenery (B&W) gallery.

I almost finish developing all the film I shot in Hawaii, and I am now planning to start a new gallery titled "Hawaii in Monochrome".
Back from Hawaii !!
29th April 2015
I am back from Hawaii the other day with my red dirt stained walking boots, many rolls of exposed film and lots of happy memories !!!

Time for developing !!
Two photographs were added
20th March 2015
Two photographs titled "Dancing Duo" and "Birch on the Hill" were added to the "Winter Hokkaido (B&W)" gallery.
It was strangely warm February here this winter, so I couldn't do much backcountry snowshoeing for my photography.
One photograph was added.
02nd November 2014
One photograph titled "Cairn" was added to the "Landscape & Waterscape (B&W)" gallery. This was taken on Mt. Iwaonupuri in Niseko, Hokkaido.
One photograph was added.
09th September 2014
A photograph titled "Tate at Night" was added to the "Architecture (colour)" gallery. This photograph is featured in Silverline Lane.
One photograph from Ishigaki was added
25th June 2014
One photograph titled "Subtropical Waterfall" was added to the "Landscape and Waterscape (B&W)" gallery.
This was taken in Ishigaki Island last month.
Back from Ishigaki Island (one photograph was added)
10th June 2014
We came back from one-week holiday in Ishigaki Island. It was supposed to be in the middle of rainy season in Okinawa, but luckily, we hardly had rain during our stay. I enjoyed many activities as well as photo shooting.

One photograph titled "Walk on the Beach" was added to the "Landscape & Waterscape (colour)" gallery. This was taken on Yonehara Beach, which is about five-minute drive from where we stayed.
Featured in Dodho magazine
24th April 2014
Twelve photographs from my WInter Hokkaido series were featured in Dodho Magazine.

Here is the link;

Snowy Landscape by Tomoharu Ota

I also wrote a short article about my winter photography, so please enjoy !
Ely Cathedral
19th April 2014
One photograph taken in Ely Cathedral was added to the "Architecture (B&W) Gallery".

You need to pay three pounds to bring a tripod in the cathedral, but it is really worth it.
Winter Hokkaido 2013/2014 (one photograph was added)
12th April 2014
One photograph titled "Frosty and Misty" was added to the "Winter Hokkaido (Black & White" gallery.

I did backcountry snowshoeing quite a few times this winter. Carrying my Hasselblad camera outfit in the backpack while going uphill through knee deep snow is always a very hard work, but it is often worth it.
Castle Howard Visit (one photograph was added)
02nd February 2014
While my sons and wife were at an event called "A Fireside Audience with Father Christmas" at Castle Howard, I enjoyed a nice, quiet walking around the castle.

One photograph titled "Winter Morning Walk" was added to the "Architecture (B&W)" gallery.
One photograph was added
28th January 2014
One photograph titled "Misty Morning Forest" was added to the "Winter Hokkaido (B&W)" gallery.

We (me and my family) came back from England a couple of weeks ago, and I brought back about twenty exposed rolls of film. So, I am hoping that I can upload some photographs here soon !!
At first, I have to do lots of developing though....
One photograph was added
03rd June 2013
One photograph titled "Cloudy Beach" was added to the "Landscape and Waterscape (Colour)" gallery.
Two photographs were added
20th April 2013
Two photographs titled "Coral Beach" and "Iriomote Sunset" were added to the "Landscape & Waterscape (colour)" gallery.

They were taken in Iriomote Island last month.

Film: Fujichrome Provia 100F (RDPIII)
Hibernation Series 2012/2013 (eight photographs were added)
13th April 2013
I just had a good look through all the negatives I shot last winter, and selected eight photographs for the Hibernation Series.
I was hoping to add about fifteen, so it is almost half, but I am satisfied with the quality of these. And, I have already some more new ideas in my head for next winter series!
Back from Iriomote Island and one photographs was added
11th April 2013
We stayed in Iriomote Island, Okinawa for one week and came back a couple of weeks ago.
It was a fantastic holiday, and we all enjoyed snorkeling, canoeing, jungle hiking, etc.!
I used six rolls of BW film and six rolls of colour film there.

We went canoeing twice, but I was not able to take my hassy with me, as I didn't have a waterproof bag for it, and I am sure I missed lots of photographic opportunities !! So if I have a chance to revisit, I will difinitely prepare properly !!

One photograph titled "Mangrove Walk" was added to the "Landscape and Waterscape (B&W)" gallery.

I will upload more photographs (colour ones) soon !!!
A Happy New Year (and one photograph was added)
09th January 2013
Wish you all a very happy new year !

One photograph titled "Beach Man" was added to the "Landscape & Waterscape (B&W) gallery.
Hokkaido is already completely burried in snow, and I am trying hard to add more photographs to my "Hibernation" series now.
One photograph was added.
10th October 2012
One photograph titled "Tenninkyo Waterfalls" was added to the "Landscape and Waterscape (B&W)" gallery.

This photograph was taken on Ilford PanF Plus, which I bought almost two years ago. I am quite satisfied with this result, so I might try this film a bit more.