News/Blog - May 2012

Two photographs taken in Hawai'i were added
23rd May 2012
Last March, we stayed for about three weeks in Big Island, Hawai'i and had a really nice time. I took 26 rolls of BW film and 13 rolls of colour film, however, I haven't finished developing them all yet, due to being busy preparing for my mini-exhibition at Sapporo Art Market (which was held last Sunday).

One BW photograph titled "Palm Trees and Waterfalls" was added to the Landscape and Waterscape (B&W) gallery. And one colour photograph titled "Diagonal Palm Tree" was added to the Nature (colour) gallery.

I now have 7-8 rolls of film to develop, so hopefully I can add a couple more at a later date.

3月の終わりから4月のはじめにかけて、ハワイ島(ビッグ・アイランド)へ行ってきました。滞在中モノクロ26本、カラー13本撮影しましたが、先週参加したアートマーケットの準備で忙しかったせいで、まだ現像が終わっていません。とりあえず、今回モノクロ一枚(Palm Trees and Waterfalls)と、カラー一枚(Diagonal Palm Tree)をギャラリーに加えました。