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Shakotan Trip Wrap-up
30th June 2010
Date: from 5th June 2010 to 7th June 2010

Day one (5th June 2010)

1) Ebisu-iwa and Daikoku-iwa

The light condition was very harsh. The rockes were partially in the shade and the background was very sunny. I used 50mm with an ND filter and an orange filter to frame both rocks (like a masterpiece of M. Kenna, which I saw at his exhibition in Sapporo in May). The results are far from satisfying. I shot from the road which is a few meters high from the sea level. I might have to go down the beach next time to get better composition.

2) Rosoku-iwa

This rock is quite far from the shore. I used 150mm with an orange filter. I couldn't find any interesting subjects for the foreground, and the air around the rock was a bit misty, so the photographs didn't turn out well.

3) Sunset shooting in Yobetsu

We were lucky to see very beautiful sunset on that day in Yobetsu. I used EKTAR and 80mm, 50mm and 250mm lenses. I got a couple of satisfying results which were uploaded on my Flickr site. Though I don't like overcooked usage of ND grad filters, I might have to use them moderately next time, as the colours on sunset sky were very faint, not like tropical sunset. It was a bit difficult to balance the tones and the colours between the sky and the foreground (the sea).

Day two (6th June)

1) Cape Kamui

It was very nice weather, but very windy morning. The sea around the cape showed beautiful deep blue. I took a few photos, which turned out rather boring.

2) Shimamui Beach

Still fine weather, less windy. I tried long-ish exposure on colour film, using ND filter, and got satisfying results. EKTAR is really suitable in this condition, and gave me nice deep colours. I used only 80mm there. I would love to revisit there in different time of year in the future.
One photograph titled "Shimamui Beach" is in the Landscape & Waterscape (colour) gallery.

3) Sunset on the beach in Nozuka

Very quiet beach near the camping place in Nozuka. The weather was a bit cloudy, so we couldn't see the sun setting, but the colours of the sky and the sea surface after sunset were very beautiful. I used 150mm with ACROS, trying to get nice tones from the sea surface, using long exposure. I should have used colour too, but at that time, i had only one back which was loaded with BW film. I got a nice result which was uploaded on my Flickr site.

Day three (7th June)

1) Tako-iwa

Misty morning, no hint of sunshine at all. I used 80mm with ND filter for this rock. I was able to find other rocks that were suitable for the foreground. Tako-iwa itself was in the mist but I thought I could get decent clarity in the foreground (and I did). The result was satisfying and I added this photograph to the Landscape & Waterscape (B&W) gallery here.

2) Cape Kamui

Very misty, we could hardly see the sea from the cape. However, I felt it more photogenic than the day before. I got one satisfying photograph with 50mm there, which was titled "Misty path on the cape" and was added to the Landscape and Waterscape (B&W).

3) Shimamui beach

Still very misty. We didn't go down to the beach this time. I just took a couple of shots from the path, which aren't so great. I should have gone down to the beach, but we were all tired....

4) Ebisu-iwa and Daikoku-iwa

Stopped by these rocks again on the way back home. The light condition was lot better than two days before. I tried to frame one of these rocks this time instead of framing both. The result was ok and was uploaded to my Flickr site, but I am not 100% happy with it (maybe because I've seen M. Kenna's work before). I must revisit there in the future.

Relevant photos will be added here later.
Two photographs were added.
30th June 2010
"Misty path on the cape" and "Shimamui Beach" were added to the Landscape & Waterscape (colour) gallery and the Landscape & Waterscape (B&W) gallery, respectively.
Ready to go to England
24th June 2010
I got ready to go to England, which doesn't mean that I have finished packing my suitcases.

That means 1) I have decided which gear I am going to take, 2) I have bought enough films, 3) One of my A12 has been properly repaired and CLAed.

1) This time, I am going to take 50mm, 80mm and 250mm, instead of 50mm, 80mm and 150mm. And, one body, two backs, a proshade and several filters. The last couple of times, I used a shoulder bag, but this time I am going to take a backpack, so the extra weight must be bearable.

2) I bought about twenty rolls of ACROS and eight rolls of TMY-2, so that should be enough for BW, and I have ordered fifteen rolls of 160NC and ten rolls of EKTAR from NOVA imaging UK, usisng my 100GBP voucher (prize from B+W Photography magazine), and they have already arrived at my wife's parents' house in Norfolk.

3) I sent my troubled A12 last month to David Odess for repair and CLA. It came back last week, and it works perfectly now.

All I have got to do now is to pack them all in the backpack, which won't take so long.

What about packing suitcases? That is always my wife's job. She is always very good at it.

OH, but, she unfortunately broke her fingers last week, and she can't use her left hand at all now.

So now, I have to add 4) Pack all the suitcases (three probably), and the trouble is...I don't know what to take at all!!!

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11th June 2010
One photograph titled "Tako-Iwa" was added to the Landscape and Waterscape (B&W) gallery.
Back from Shakotan!
09th June 2010
We (my family and I) spent last weekend in Shakotan. I shot eight rolls of film, did lots of walking and got a couple of nasty insect bites. Oh yes, we really enjoyed fantastic seafood there, too!


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04th June 2010
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