News/Blog - February 2012

Two new photos in the "Winter Hokkaido (B&W)" gallery
23rd February 2012
A photograph titled "A tree and its shadow" and a photograph titled "Towards the sun" were added to the "Winter Hokkaido (B&W)" gallery.

"Towards the sun" was from the very first roll I used for my 905 SWC.
I was very impressed with what this highly reputable lens can do.

"A tree and its shadow"と"Towards the sun"を Winter Hokkaido (B&W)ギャラリーに追加しました。
"Towards the sun"は、新しく購入した905SWCのテスト撮影も兼ねた一本目のフィルムからです。さすが、評判の高いレンズ、素晴らしい描写を見せてくれました。
One new photograph in the "Traditional Japan" gallery
02nd February 2012
One photograph titled "Late Autumn" was added to the "Traditional Japan" gallery.

This was taken during our stay in Kyoto last year (2011).

We visited a small but very pretty Japanese garden, but it was drizzling a little. I was sitting on this "engawa" (wooden terrace-like sheltered corridor) and, when I look aside, I found this little autumn.