News/Blog - August 2011

One sunny, summer morning
30th August 2011
A photograph titled "One sunny, summer morning" was added to the "Landscape and Waterscape (B&W)" gallery.

For two reasons, I used an orange filter and an ND filter to extend exposure time.
Firstly, I wanted to achieve smooth water surface and cloud stream, and secondly, there were way too many dragonflies flying around the concrete wall, so I didn't want to have all those wiggly lines on my photo!
Two new photographs in the "Industrial Scenery (colour)" gallery
18th August 2011
Two photographs titled "Factory" and "Night Walk" were added to the "Industrial Scenery (colour)" gallery.

"Night Walk" isn't actually industrial scenery, but for now I've put it in this gallery. In the future, I might have to rearrange my galleries.

I have developed five out of the seven rolls of BW film which I used during my last trip to Obihiro / Tokachi. And, hopefully I can pick up six rolls of colour film at Yodobashi some time next week !
One photograph was added.
04th August 2011
One photograph titled "Summer 2010" was added to the Landscape and Waterscape gallery.

We came back from a four-day trip to Obihiro/Tokachi the other day.
The weather was rather dull, but we visited many lovely places and enjoyed them so much, despite getting a few nasty insect bites on my legs!